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heads to bathen rouge for callback auditions later this week. fox 5 news. >> a little beef, just like us during the commercials, right? >> that looks like the news setup here. >> what do you mean it's going to rain on saturday? >> guilty. >> you guys are funny. you might need the hair spray. the humidity is crazy. >> it's so humid tonight. what we are not seeing is all that fog. the reason is, it's cloudy. we would have fog forming. tonight, what we're having with clouds is a couple scattered, very light showers showing up. i think they will be around in the overnought hours. and we will probably have a couple more light showers in the first part of our nurse. no big washout like we had two days ago. we talked about scattered,
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light showers. a couple of them around in the morning. i think they'll be out of here by the noon hour and our thursday afternoon is going to end up being nice. speaking of hair spray, a little breezy in the afternoon. out of a direction that we'll get rid of the humidity. we're going to have a few weekend showers to deal with. not so much on saturday, there will be a few around in the afternoon, but on sunday, we will likely be dealing with showers and a big temperature drop coming for sunday and monday. chilly air is on the way. i'll show you. 82 degrees for us today, ding this despite having a lot of sunshine. can you imagine. we could have been pushing upper 80s. 71 in buffalo. a warm one in wilmington. i want to show you the contrast. why we are finding places like phoenix, here comes a shot that will create snow from
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massachusetts to the dakotas and the high temperature was only 39. 57 for fargo and that cold air will be on the move tomorrow and that's the kind of chill that we are expecting to get in here on sunday. now tomorrow, it's a warm one and still a little bit humid for the first half of the day. humidity will drop as we go through the afternoon. but check that out. average is 73. soak this up, because sord it's a transition day. sunday, 61 degrees, some places may not get out of the 50s on sunday and we'll have cold nights, down into the 40s out to the west. temperature right now is 6 -- very light showers, not as heavy as we are showing here on
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this composite radar when we look at our live radar. but it's a little bit of a speed. a bit gets pulled in overnight. i wanted to show you the snow they are getting across minnesota. that's what we'll be watching come toward us with the colder air. for tomorrow morning, last stop here. a couple showers around. welcomes like they are out of here and most of our sunny. a decent day with a couple showers here and there. two warm days and saturday we are showing a couple showers, a real wet day. it doesn't look that great. you're thinking about making some kind of chill lee, because it's going to feel like a day where you want to turn the
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furnace on where temperatures will be near 0s and 40s at night. >> really feeling like fall. >> here comes the fall weather. >> thanks, sue. >> coming up next. >> if this is you in this portrait, it's yours for the tabling. i'm beth parker, fine art next to a dumpster? what you won't expect.
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stop stearing at your blackberry and look around. that's the message from the d.c. artist who launched a unique project that might show up in your neighborhood. fox 5's beth parker explains. >> i hope that you enjoy it. >> thank you so much. >> it's not every day that you get a hug from a stranger, but these two are connected by the
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snap of a camera and the stroke of a brush. you see, nicole is a d. c. native and a portrait artist. she came here to the southwest waterfront and took a picture. >> he's a character. >> i don't know what they do with their time. >> she returns the finished painting to a place where she met the person. >> it looked light. >> they are popping up all over town. ones leaning on a dumpster off connecticut avenue. >> it is still there. >> i'm attracted to the idea of street art that is outside of the museums and confronts us in the middle of the day. >> each one has a sign. >> the sign says this is you. so i guess if you're the guy in the painting, it's free. >> that's right, all this
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richness and color is free to the person in the painting. >> the people who i painted ever be able to find them? >> especially someone like this who is a surveyor and doesn't come here very often. goes on to another project and maybe never comes back here. >> or she leaves cards like this one at each painting, just to educate the public about what she is doing. there have been some surprises, look what happened here on wisconsin avenue. >> when we noticed it was starting to rain, we pulled the painting in. you want to protect it. >> with the rain, that port gnat was back a. bicyclist passing by. he studied it and decided to take it. she doesn't mind. >> even if it's somebody else opening their eyes and recognizing their neighbors, that's wonderful. it makes me happy. >> letting go, accepting life
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just like this project as is. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming. san yancy with your news edge. >> plenty of jabs thrown this season. president obama and mitt romney took off the gloves. the president jabbed back going after romney on healthcare and tax cuts for the wealthy. tom, what is the reaction from both candidates? >> we've been on the phone tonight with both campaigns. we spoke with one romney campaign official who said quote, he crushed it. quite frankly. the romney forces appeared their a-game left on the obama camp. they were more measured.
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say said this dewait unfolded and the president in their viewpoint got stronger as this debate went on. one of the very first direct exchanges came on the issue of the deficit. governor romney challenged the president that he had not done enough to reduce the president. lead to mass i have cuts. >> you have been president four years. you would cut the deficit in half, we still have trillion dollar deficits. a trillion dollar deficit each of the four years. if you are reelected, we'll get to a trillion dollar debt. >> we're asking for no revenue, we hag to give -- end up in resulting in se veer hardship for poem. >> social security is also a big topic. both men went back and forth on
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this one. >> you can call it a target or lind pent voters. they are eventually going to need social security, so the job of each of these candidates tonight was to paint the other's programs in aing intive right. on the issue, the president said that mitt romney's plans would eventually turn entitlements. he is trying to empower people to take control other their present this plan, the sees sense of the plan. >> i know what my own vow is. i rather not telling the government not telling me what insurance company to get. >> this debate went on for an hour and a half.
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at one point, they did not get to all the candidates. 50million people watched this debate tonight and there will be two more presidential debates. the nets will be the vice presidential debate. >> thank, you very much. gentleman, it's good to have you here. >> brendan, i'm going to start with you. mitt romney was surprisingly strong. we got a car cialghts obama came with a saw. what can you take that? >> he was behind and chris want and he couldn't tell his truth m. ofous answers, he ran away from his tax cutser the platform. he ran away from that.
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on the substance, he didn't do that well. it is true obama was not as engaged as some hopes. he didn't even up the 47% remarks that rom romney had made. we'll see as the next debate is. >> we heard governor chris cristie say tonight was going to be a game changer. yo you think it will change things? what about the undecided voters? >> it might. you'll notice obama is under 0%. you have a lot of debates. this could be a game changer. romney is a clear winner tonight. he'll have to win all three to a a chance if this thing. obama, i loof sports analogies. he has this idea that he can run the clock out.
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a lot of people lost races that way. big mistakes by the president tonight. democrats admit not getting into the tape in the 47%. the other thing you'll see in the coming days, obama checking his notes, almost like bush checking his watch in the '2. you'll see reaction to that. this gets worse for oh mamma. >> cattily does the president need to do to con vints the american people need to retire him? >> he did a number inform alternative energy and a number of things that we need for a economy. and romney's plan doesn't add up. and romney also confirmed once the debate with the republican challengers, even predent dollars an spenting cuts, he won't raise taxes. >> do you think the president needs to be more aggressive?
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>> i think jack has a point there, he was playing noble say, he h's to be -- i think you'll see him more aggressive the couple of debates. >> the democrats spin where they say romney criticize him on the numbers and say his tax plan don't add up. oh bloom doubled the deficit. he incrowsed the inthe debate. obama -- >> go up under bush. >> by a fraction. >> it went went up over obama a lot. >> the producer says we have to wrap this up. republican strategist, democrat strategist, brendan daly, thank you so much for coming in
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tonight. we appreciate it. and don't be surprised if you hear people talking about big bird tomorrow as well. the sesame staple was trending on twitter tonight along with the word zingers and cheesecake. people are talking about the cheesecake factory. they are also talking about big bird because romney mentioned the bird when he said he cut subsidies to pbs. take a listen. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i love big board, i like you, too. >> robny would cut it. the comment, as you might imagine, received a massive response online. george washington students held a watch party on campus tonight. most of the students we talked to say they are relieved the candidates are finally getting down to the issues and putting the attack ads behind them. they agreed this year the college vote will influence who comes out on top. here's what a few students had to say after watching the
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issues. >> like obama said, changing last minute. >> in the beginning, romney's five points are really along the lines of what my five points would be, but at the same time, the way that he want -- >> the vice president candidates will face each other later this month as well. now todd news edge in maryland. a voter watchdog group says it uncovered voter fraud. the group election integrity maryland claims it found evidence that some people registered to vote using the names of dead people or registered to vote twice. the group says it's not accusing the state board of elections, but the problems need to be corrected. >> maryland governor, martin o'malley, is endorsing a plan. the increase would be for
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utility companies to plan to speed up reliability projects. john hanrahan has more on the governor's plan. >> pepco's problems existed for years. but in the last two years with snowmegeddon and hurricane irene, then the surprise storm, reconnection efforts were particularly slow. pepco promised to spend more on hardening the grid, but given the utility's record, the public service commission allowed only a limited rate hike for the electric company. a 130 page report from a governor's task force concluded that utility efforts are still falling short. >> an electric grid that served well in the storm events is not a grid that is reliable in the more violent and frequent storms that we have now. >> o'malley estimates $1 to $2 a month per household will not only speed up the tree
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trimming. >> maybe some engineering x fixes that are different for every portion of the service area. >> to get the extra dollar or two a month, the utility would have to accelerate reliability strategies. we found a mixed reaction, which has been hard hit in the last two years. >> we pay a lot of money to pepco every month. giving them more isn't necessarily the answer. >> it's not my fault. >> you would rather not pay the one or two. >> i feel that we should do it. otherwise it's not going to get taken care of and we'll have problems further down the road. >> i think we are -- >> no more money? >> no more money. >> would you be willing to spend an extra dollar or two a month? >> an extra dollar or two a month would be worth reliability.
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>> another recommendation in the report, the public service commission should penalize utilities that fail to hit reliability benchmarks. pepco's response to the task force, we agree with the general tone and direction of the report. it will work to recommend the impolications. a nationwide meningitis outbreak spread to maryland and virginia. also ahead, a common medical procedure may be spreading that infection. details are coming up. and sue, you're tracking the forecast. >> light sprinkles around the radar map. i'll let you know as we head toward the morning commute. it's all ahead as the news at 11:00 continues. this is fox 5 news edge at
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11:00. >> gwen is selling $515 sweaters. she has another one for $485. >> coming up next on fox 5.
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the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. is. back now with the health alert. officials are concerned about a rare and deadly meningitis outbreak. it's already made dozens of people sick and killed two people in maryland and virginia. the cbc says patient contracted the infection nationwide, 26 cases have been reported. four fatal and more cases are expected. the steroid drug made in massachusetts has since been
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recalled. and now talk about that forecast. let me scooch in here. are you talking about how i am? >> no. a long ways to that. let's talk about the forecast. >> a couple of light showers. it's preferable to the drastic fog we had last night. if you were driving early this morning, looked like it snowed overnight. crazy stuff. we don't have the fog at the moment. we have a lot of clouds and some light sprinkles and showers moving on through. i would say for some of you, expect that in the morning as well. looks like clouds are going to hang tough. usually you don't get the fog unless there's a break. we are going to start with a look at radar to show you what has a weak frontal boundary and those light sprinkles. on radar, you can see those passing on by to the north and that is what is going to continue to happen again.
11:56 pm
not as heavy as it looks in this composite picture. definitely more still in the pipeline. a lot of this heavy stuff doesn't get in here, but lighter showers will filter in as we go through the overnight hours before a weak boundary pushes it out to sea. more breezy wind, which will get rid of the humidity. we are monitoring what may end up being 6 to 12 inches of snow for some parts of the northern plains, especially up here. big shot of cold air and i pointed out because it will be visiting us. not the snow part yet, but that colder air will be getting in here for the second half of our weekend. enjoy the relative warmth that is 75 degrees above what our average high for the daytime hours should be. some upper 60s in the suburbs far north and west. not going to be cold tonight and not going to be a cold one tomorrow. we are a lot warmer than many other places. i wanted you to see this big
11:57 pm
contrast. 36 in great falls. 40 in denver. that is the cooler air and the leading edge of that cooler air will start moving across the midwest tomorrow, might create showers and thunderstorms there, but for us, it will just be a couple showers in the morning and then clearing in the afternoon. tonight, scatter the light showers. we're talking trace amounts, a few dots on the windshield or light amounts on the order of a few hundredths of rain. winds still out of that direction. tomorrow is a day where we hit 82 degrees. we'll start out cloudy, we'll have a few showers and we should break for sunshine by late morning to noon and pick up a breeze out of northwest, which will drop the humidity and make that temperature much more comfortable. so we keep the 80s going until we get into the weekend. tomorrow, with 8:00 a.m. temperature of 70 degrees, there could be a few morning showers around. by noon, sun breaking through. temperature of 77. and we still are climbing in the afternoon.
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with a warm, breezy afternoon expected. so check out the highs that we expect to hit. 84 for quantico. annapolis coming in at 79 degrees and a quick look at your weekend planner because quite a contrast. saturday, 76 degrees, a few showers in the afternoon. not a lot, not a wet day. sunday, a different story. chilly, overcast most of the day. off and on showers and temperatures dropping down, maybe into the 40s at night. so here is your fox 5accu weather seven-day forecast. we are expecting those two warm days, saturday's temperature about 76. we cool things off and it's must have more fall-like and below average. sunday, for columbus day on monday, and our tuesday about 65 degrees. a couple showers expected on wednesday and a temperature of 71 degrees. so, we have wrapped up a wonderful regular season with our nats and now it's on to the boys of october. scott smith has more. here is sports. >> this is the verison sports
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desk with scott smith. >> before they enjoy a well deserved home field advantage, the nats hit the field first between the braves and cardinals. it will be a sunday start for the nationals in atlanta or st. louis. all right. to the game within the game today. the president's race. teddy had gone 538 consecutive races without a win, but the winless streak is over. teddy is on the board. all right. the 37,000 loving that and loving what they saw out of brian zimmerman. the strength to carry, his 25th of the year. nats produce five unanswered runs. michael moore hits his 18th on game 162. nats finish with 98-64 record. a 5-1 final tonight. zimmerman likes the momentum his team takes to the post season. >> i think being the team of the best overall record

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